Thursday, January 5, 2012

Austin Chase, Wangsa Walk

Went to Wangsa Walk to get Aysar a bangle (with bell) as mom needs it urgently to be able to locate him. Nowadays, he has been good at keeping quiet while being mischievious. But then, thanks to his petite thans standard Asian size, none are fit for him. In the end, Alya laks yg dapat silver bracelet as mom claimed that her anklet doesn't make any sharp sound anymore. Not that she needs any help to locate Alya~

Well, cut to the chase.. We test our taste bud to this cafe, Austin Chase. Love the setting and the waiter/waitress as they are very much helpful and friendly.

Chose to seat outside / open space

The cake... Top layer actually rasa a bit liat macam goreng sket.. Anyway, they have this promo for purchase over RM50, cake got 50% discount.

Mom got herself a caesar salad with salmon @ RM 19.80 and a hot cuppa of lemon tea @ RM 9 (not the English selection - and with extra slices of lemon)

Mom claimed that the salmon tasted a bit salty

Along and I shared Seattle Club Sandwich @ RM 19.90 and Iced Caramel Macchiato (large) @ RM 15.50

The food was very much fulfilling but the drinks was too coffee-ish for me

Hubby and Alya shared Chicken Chop @ RM 17.90 with Austin Chase Iced Chocolate (regular) @ RM 12


Though the taste was just average as any other cafe, what stands out this cafe from others would be - they provide family games such as Taboo, Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess, Uno Stacko and etc... This way, while waiting for the food, guest can enjoy each other company by playing the games and yes, to also kill the time. Memang sempoi laa~

Muka focus tak haci hingat~

Some of the crazy steps (mostly by Along) yg buat kitorg keep covering our food and drinks sbb takut the blocks jatuh.. Gilo!!

Minah ni rileks jer~ *Phuii berlakon

Eh, cam sungguh serunuknya bersantaian... Where's Aysar?

Off to dreamland.. Ni la yg org slalu dok sebut, "sleep like a baby~"

They also happen to serve breakfast set which quite attractive.. Well, if you compare it with Coffee Bean laa.. (now, talking about that, dah lama ek tak breakfast kat sana kan?) Erk~

Interested to give Austin Chase a try? Details,

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